Computer coding concepts explained

Views:25795|Rating:4.96|View Time:1:42Minutes|Likes:252|Dislikes:2Algorithms, loops, “if” statements – these are words computer coders use all the time. But what do they actually mean? »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: Voice Your Opinion & Connect With Us Online: The National Updates on Facebook: The National Updates on Twitter: The National Updates on Google+: »»»… Read More

What Programming Language Is Used To Make FIFA?

Views:1852|Rating:3.33|View Time:45Minutes|Likes:14|Dislikes:7Programming languages are games like fifa 14 and gta 5 ea sports how many lines of code is 14? What the quora. For fifa, the tixi wrote you might need to download and install language pack, how do of computer) human that used programmers. Programming languages for 3d simulation and games martin baker. Can… Read More

How to make Safe With Code For Kids

Views:348884|Rating:4.71|View Time:7:43Minutes|Likes:3198|Dislikes:197DIY – HomeMade make a Safe With Code / Password For Kids simple, easy way at home Parts that you need – Aluminium Composite – 1 * 6-Pin Metal Toggle Switch – 5 * 3-Pin Metal Toggle Switch – 1 * Switch button – 1 * Reducer Motor 3v : – 1 * AA… Read More

HTML5 Semantic Markup Tags & Layout - HTML Tutorial for Beginners

Views:9700|Rating:4.44|View Time:14:1Minutes|Likes:87|Dislikes:11In this video I cover HTML5 Semantic Markup and Layout including these HTML5 Elements: header footer nav section main aside article Creating a well coded website with HTML5 isn’t hard but it requires that you learn the main tags and elements you would need to use on your website. Semantic Markup means that the… Read More

Introduction to Simulink Coder

Views:8783|Rating:5.00|View Time:3:5Minutes|Likes:30|Dislikes:0Get a Free Trial: Get Pricing Info: Ready to Buy: Quickly generate C/C++ code for rapid prototyping or hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing using Simulink® and Stateflow®.… Read More

Coding Text Using Microsoft Word

Views:84158|Rating:4.87|View Time:12:21Minutes|Likes:388|Dislikes:10Describes how to use Word’s comment feature to code text and then extract text segments to a table for analysis. The video uses a modified version of a Word macro available at… Read More

Code Monkey Jonathan Coulton Lyrics Kinetic Typography

Views:537036|Rating:4.87|View Time:5:27Minutes|Likes:4296|Dislikes:115Thanks to Jonathan Coulton for releasing his music under the creative commons license! Sorry for the blank space at the end :/ (fixed in Lyrics: Code Monkey get up get coffee Code Monkey go to job Code Monkey have boring meeting With boring manager Rob Rob say Code Monkey very diligent But his output… Read More

MiniPro TL866 EEPROM Programmer Software

Views:200484|Rating:4.34|View Time:13:46Minutes|Likes:244|Dislikes:37The MiniPro TL866 EEPROM programmer software in use. Programming a W25X32 IC. V5.91 Programmer software is here; User manual is here; The software link above will be updated as and when new versions are released. Updated 5-4-13… Read More

Comedian vs  Computer Programmer

Views:64474|Rating:4.88|View Time:2:50Minutes|Likes:1412|Dislikes:36During an ad-lib show, Steve Hofstetter runs into a computer programmer. Subscribe to Steve Hofstetter’s videos! LIVE SHOWS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: REDDIT: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT:… Read More

Exam Application Programming Tutorial JavaScript Quiz Online Test

Views:207063|Rating:4.83|View Time:26:40Minutes|Likes:1376|Dislikes:47Lesson Code: Learn to create a Quiz, Test or Exam software using JavaScript and HTML. The main objective is to give the user multiple choice questions one at a time in sequence and grade them at the end of the exam. Perfect for school classrooms or educational entities online. The multidimensional array tutorial from… Read More