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In this ruby programming tutorial series you will learn, what is ruby used for and ruby syntax. These ruby online tutorials will teach you what is ruby programming and what you can do with ruby language. Yukihiro Matsumoto is a Japanese computer scientist and software programmer best known as the chief designer of the Ruby programming language and its reference implementation, Matz’s Ruby Interpreter.You can also have a look at ruby wiki and will learn ruby complete course on ePayMinds Channel learn ruby deeply and next you will move to ruby on rails as rails the framework of ruby programming language. ruby syntax is very easy to learn and by doing practice of these ruby tutorial online course you will have best grip on all of them, not only ruby syntax you will also learn ruby commands deeply. You will learn introduction to ruby to ruby on rails by ePayMinds. These are best ruby tutorials that will completely teach you what can ruby be used for and you will have do practice along with me. what is ruby code use for, will set you mind to grow as a passionate learner for ruby on rails, next step after ruby programming a mvc framework.

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NOT ONLY above topics will be covered, i will teach you every single and minor thing about ruby programming deeply and in efficient way.
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