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In this video, I have shown basic of Arduino for the beginners with easy Arduino projects. I have also explained basic Arduino programming in details in this Arduino tutorial video.
Here I have covered all the basic details for Arduino which you should know before working with Arduino like Arduino Uno components, features, Pin Details, basic programming with Arduino software etc.

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00:28 Introduction to Arduino Uno Board and all the Components
02:20 Pin configuration of Arduino UNO [power pin, digital and analog pins]
07:26 Arduino Programming Syntax [void setup , void loop]
07:58 Arduino Programming with led blink Sketch
09:38 How to upload Arduino code to board

After watching the complete video you can easily work with Arduino in different projects. In this video, I have used Arduino Uno and discussed how to connect different analog and digital input / output components with Arduino. To explain the Arduino programming I have referred the LED blink sketch and explain the use of functions like pinMode() digitalWrite() etc.

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