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in this video we discuss batch file programming and how to make a batch file

We will cover
how to create a batch file
how to write a batch file
common batch file commands
how batch file parameters are used
how to run a batch file
how the batch file comment feature works
uses for batch file echo
how batch file declare variable works
What the batch file extension is
why you should start with the batch file echo off

We will be writing our own batch file with parameters as well as use some batch file examples

Note: use the batch file remark to leave yourself notes if you need to edit the batch file later

This video is part of a series on batch file programming

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One comment on “Batch File Programming: How to Make a Batch File

  • I like to show how to redirect some assembler mnemonics and debug commands for to telecontrol debug within a batchfile and some pipe(> <) operators. Description: The first step is to redirect all comands into a temporary textfile and the second step is to redirect the temporary textfile to debug.

    These following examples have to be copy and paste each one into a new texttfile. And the textfiles have to be renamed with the "bat" file-extension: Example: "Hello.bat"

    @echo off
    echo a cs:100>tmp.deb
    echo mov dx,108>>tmp.deb
    echo mov ah,9>>tmp.deb
    echo int 21>>tmp.deb
    echo ret>>tmp.deb
    echo db "Hello World!$">>tmp.deb
    echo g=cs:100 107>>tmp.deb
    echo q>>tmp.deb
    del tmp.deb
    type tmp.inf

    Variation and alternative example with a similar content:

    @echo off
    echo e cs:100>tmp.deb
    echo ba 08 01 b4 09 cd 21 c3>>tmp.deb
    echo a cs:108>>tmp.deb
    echo db "Hello World!$">>tmp.deb
    echo g=cs:100 107>>tmp.deb
    echo q>>tmp.deb
    del tmp.deb
    type tmp.inf

    Debug manual:

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