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So this is a Citroen Berlingo 2 year 2009 , 1.6 Manual Petrol. It has been sitting for about 1 year. Im using the Lonsdor K518 ISE to program the keys into the car. Normally cars don’t drop keys, but as a locksmith, I need to check before it’s taken to the mechanic. To my surprise after key programming is done, we now have fuel pressure and the car is kicking over. Also to my surprise the Lonsdor read the login code. System 4 to read, system 1 to program key. So it looks like it was a key problem after all ?

2 comments on “Citroen Berlingo Key Programming – Wont Start – Keys Dropped-Lonsdor

  • Normally when the keys get thrown out you can’t program them back in try new chips if not it’s probably Lonsdor it won’t program it

  • Pin is stored in the Bsi unit, always make sure additional power is hooked up, or pull wiper fuse otherswise it will get stuck in boot mode and then it's module replacement time, all the best

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