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Following up the last GSoC video, in this we show how to search projects in the domain you want, and how to build the perfect proposal.


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19 comments on “GSoC: How to find projects and build a proposal [Hindi/Hinglish]

  • Hi, sir i haven't used GitHub previously so if i start using now would that be problem ? How i select open source project on GitHub to contribute on that?
    I'm currently knows C lang & python not proficiently better in python , How im supposed to be fit in to be selected?

  • Hi, first of all, thanx for these awesome videos. Can u please make a video explaining how do I introduce myself to their mailing portal first time. Also explain, how do I communicate with repository/organization members to ask doubt and queries.

  • Hi, Arnav Bhaiya, Thanks for these videos on GSoC. I want you to make the video on how to use github and all the things to complete the contribution part because in the last part you said a lot which is connected to github and I seriously didn't found any easy sources to learn contributing on github. 🙂

  • Hi bheiya.. I am 1st-year Btech student with basic knowledge in C language… And I am not able to find organisations to contribute.. And I am also confused.. Can u plz help me

  • Hi, Arnav your videos are great and helping a lot! Just wanted to ask that can we target multiple organisation like if we dont get selected in one then we would have a chance in other organisations??and may we have a link to your organisation??

  • Hi, Arnav!
    Awesome video and very helpful.
    Since you have done a lot of open source contributions, I would like to request you to make a video on how to start contributing on GitHub.
    Thank You.

  • Please upload a video on a video on applications of top 5 programming languages so that we can find our field of interest

  • If an organisation has multiple projects and if we contribute to any of their projects, will that do the job of "Why me" part in the video

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