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Hello friends, in this video we show you how you can write a snake game program in java. the video is useful for isc, icse students as well as java programming enthusiasts, engineering students and those who are preparing for some kind of programming interviews.

Source Code link:

talking about us, we present to you tutorials on how to solve computing problems using different programming languages (such as java, c++, c, python) in different platforms such as (windows, linux) with the help of various IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) such as bluej, borland turbo c++ ide focused on various Indian School Education boards such as ICSE, CBSE, ISC, JAC etc. The videos are short and to the point to give you a basic idea about the problem and the solution in the indian national language i.e. HINDI. The viewer can ask questions in the comment section for further clarifications. If you like what we are doing then you can support us by liking the video, putting a comment, sharing with friends and becoming a regular viewer by subscribing to the channel, it will always be free of cost.

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