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kids coding languages ,What is kids coding languages ? Today,Google Doole celebrate kids coding languages were first introduced to the world with a very special creation (and furry friend):

our first ever coding Google Doodle! Today’s Doodle was developed through the close teamwork of not one or two but THREE teams:

To learn more about the history of kids coding languages and importance of kids coding languages.

My first experience with coding was in a free after-school program back in the eighties when I was nine years old.

We programmed a little green turtle to move around and draw lines on a black screen. That programming language was called Logo.

In the 1960’s, long before personal computers, Seymour Papert and researchers at MIT developed Logo – the first coding language designed for kids.

With Logo, children could program the movements of a turtle, giving them the opportunity to explore ideas in math and science.

Papert and his colleagues envisioned that computers could eventually be used by all children as a powerful tool for learning.

They saw coding as a way for kids to develop confidence and fluency with a piece of powerful, modern, and one-day ubiquitous technology.

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Google doodle and we are Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding

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