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This course is the quickest way to learn the basics of HTML. Watch it here on YouTube or check out the interactive version at Scrimba, where you’ll be able to play with the code as well:

HTML is one of the core building blocks on the web, as it’s what holds the content on all the websites you visit. Thus, HTML is a must-have skill for all web developers.

While HTML is a huge subject, the basics can be learned quickly. This course aims at taking you from absolute beginner to proficient in HTML in less than an hour. Throughout the lectures, you’ll be building a neat-looking website from scratch together with the brilliant instructor Eric Tirado.

Get the ‘index.css’ file from this course here:

What you’ll learn in this web development html crash course:

– Intro to web architecture (0:00)
– HTML documents (4:25)
– Nesting (7:19)
– Head elements and scripts (11:23)
– Layout elements (17:33)
– Figure and image elements (20:28)
– Embedding videos (26:54)
– Navbar and list items (31:12)
– Headings (34:05)
– Text formatting (36:04)
– Tables (42:15)
– Links and final touches (49:27)

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