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presents this indepth Tutorial on setting up MACH 3 the 6 AXIS CNC step and direction motor control software used to control your CNC machine from a windows based computer
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  • Great videos,
    I am still confused because after referencing home , then jogging to the part and zeroing out my axis to set wcs
    then the cross hairs cursor always goes back to the center of the part ?
    what would cause this. I want to be able to place the part anywhere on my table within the limits.
    what am I missing ?

  • My Cnc Machine..Operate With Wrong Size…smaller Than Original Size In File…
    I Try To Calibrate the Axis.. But Calibrate Change Motor Tuning Value..
    I use mm Native Units…so I calibrate With mm…But After Calibrate…Motor Have Slow
    Move..Very Slow….

    what's the Problem Caused..My Machine Operate At Wrong Size..?

    Please Help me..

  • Do soft limits reference machine coordinates? If I set my new zero to work on a piece say center of table will I still have protection from overun? Or does that move also move soft limits to new coords?

  • Great video! i have a question, on my software when i toggle between display mode and table display, the screen doesn't change, i can't see my table view, why is that? i have the mach3 2.0 , is there any way to fix it?

  • I am new in cnc machine. I have a 3040 china cnc with bobcad software and running in mach3. My problem is that my G-code looks ok in the measurements block in the bobcad animation, but when transferred to mach3, it ends up scaling down my mold. Does somebody know why? I Will appreciate any posible answer. Thanks in advance. Oscar

  • As a software engineer I can't help wondering why you don't latch disable the zero function when a fixture offset has been selected?

  • HI Paul, I bought this machine 4AXIS 3040 CNC Router USB Engraver 0.8KW Engraving Drilling Milling Machine 800W. The problem is: I load the g code then the machine carves for a minute suddenly stops and does not go anywhere , would help me please

  • Hi,
    First I want to thank you for your effort to help us, second; I have configured my machine but when I loaded the gcode file it shows my work out of the table margins, please help me to get this fixed.

  • The 4 "Zero buttons X Y Z are green mine r are red I have tried and read every thing . Latest version have followed videos. In last video buttons r red I this video now green ?

  • Thank you SO MUCH! Wonderful explanation! looked at may tutorials but yours is exactly what I needed and perfectly explained. This video I believe should be a beginners class of Mach3. again, thank you very much!

  • hi, im using my normally closed ( NC ) limit switches connected to breakout board and I get constant false limit switch trips . im using shielded wire. what can i Change in Mach3 to not have this problem.

    Thank you

  • This is EXACTLY how my system is configured. Neither the limit switches or the soft limits do anything at all. I've had several people look at it and none have an explanation for why this does not work on my system.

  • Not sure if I missed this somewhere, but if your limit switches are wired together in series, you need to use the same input pin (10?) for all of them. Took me quite a while to figure this out, almost blew some magic smoke out my ears….

  • Hey Paul, great video. I am new to the CNC world and just got my first 4 x 4. However, I am using Cut2d to generate the tool path, but every once in a while the z position doesn't go up high enough when switching cuts and cuts across the material. Where is this z location to make sure that its high enough to clear the material when going to other areas of cuts on the material. This has happened 3 times but not always. I am sure its something simple but I was hoping you could help me out. I have Mach3 as well. Thanks in advance.

  • great videos iam new to all this and built the ox build in openbuilds and iam trying out the mach3 now i got Y,X moveing both directions my Z is only moveing down wont move up any help paul

  • Hi Paul I'm trying to get my machine coordinates to zero but when I do the cross hairs on the table display are in the center

  • why???? in motor tuning if the velocity rang under the range of steps per unit the motor jerking whats the problem i could not put feed rate less than steps per unit

  • Thanks Art, for another outstanding video! Think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on homing, limit switches, and the G54 and G55 offsets. I notice that the diagnostic screen on my demo version of Mach3 does not look the same as this video, i.e., my home switches are not labeled on my diagnostic screen. I assume you guys have changed that up on the newer version.

  • Hola, he visto tu video para programar el home all limits varias veces, y con lo facil que te resulta programarlo y yo que no soy capaz. El problema no es que no loexpliques bien que seguro que si, el problema es que no entiendo ingles y por eso no soy capaz de programarlo, Haber si se le ocurre la idea a you tube de poner una aplicacion para traducir la voz a otro idioma. Muchas gracias.

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