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Explore the possible future though computer science. Features a flying robot, wearable computer devices and some nice skateboarding. Video from Microsoft Research. (Berno –

38 comments on “Make the Future – A Career in Computer Science

  • @randoxxxxx yeah once i went to a friends home and her mother asked me too fix the computer and i just looked into it like an expert for the fear of not looking stupid….

  • 1:24
    I was shocked to find that, instead of opening that door, grabbing that bot, and running (or skating like crazy) to that Microsoft building as quickly as humanly possible to get it fixed quickly, he just stood there with his girlfriend with his mouth open.

  • at iupui your first class will be taught in java and will cover how to program along with the basic knowledge like binary representation, assembly code, and logic gates. They ease you in very slowly, you won't need to study ahead but it never hurts. I would suggest learning a high-level language like java or c# to get a head start. Find an online tutorial and teach yourself, a CS students best asset is knowing how to teach themselves. If you can, get Andy Harris for CS230 instructor, he's great.

  • @glgamecoder im about to go into iupui next fall………. im in my senior year now and have no IDEA how to programm. maybe some simple formulas in excel but thats it you kno?! do u think i should study? and if so wer? like to get a head start.

  • Well, as long as people need new software people will need CS. At some point the hardware engineers will reach the physical limits of technology and people who understand efficient algorithms will be all the more necissary to continue to squeeze more performance out of PCs. So I don't think CS has any expiration date. A CS grad is more than just a programmer. A CS grad is an extremely efficient programmer who can problem solve using computers in any domain you set him in. Never useless.

  • At my school, UW Seattle, the CSE department offers three degrees:

    CE – Software
    CE – Hardware

    And they are all nearly identical. The main difference is that CS has a lot more electives. I'm pretty sure CS doesn't have -any- required course that isn't also required for CE, but CE has many required courses that aren't required for CS.

    Personally, I'm CE just because I want to do patent law and the CE degree comes with more bragging rights (which is important for law firms)

  • sure, but generally they dont get the software design principles that cs majors do and may not work as well on a large team. Second its hella harder that cs, so hopefully you have plans to use the hardware knowledge or you are putting in alot more effort than you have to to have access to the same software jobs. If your intent is to work in software, CS is better simply because you have the extra time to learn solid coding practices, and you can get deep knowledge in areas like networking/db's.

  • I am studying at Purdue atm and they taught everything from scratch. You should be fine without any prior experience. Don't worry too much about programming skill, it's not that hard to learn the basics, and you only get really good with practice. The hard part of CS is algorithm development, but you will be fine as long as you are a good problem solver.

  • iliketheocean explained what it has to do with Computer Science. Through it, among other areas, we're able to turn things like this into reality

  • I think that Computer Science is a great matter where you could external
    your creative and you can do it real because almost all you need basically
    is an powerful and cheap machine called PC and with this machine you could
    change the life of the people increasing profits and benefits.

  • That even old, and why would i waste my time writeing down Zeros and ones. If its so over used, tell me what the statement means

  • i dont …iam on a fully-paid scholarship.LOL…and yes i dont like it,but iam really good at it "u know" beside i have 2 years left ,so i cant quit righ now 🙂

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