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A quick video on the latest coding on my MINI Cooper F56.


Nav route preview
Reverse door handle leds
iPhone ringtone
Locking unlocking sound
Tyre pressure temperature
Video in motion
Multiple video formats
Press brake to start
Start stop off
Multimedia off when door is opened

Coding done by; (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Web –
facebook –
Name – Constatin Balan
Location – Romford

10 comments on “MINI F56 | Coding | Tyre Temp, Acoustic Locking & Many More

  • Just a simple question, is it possible to code – start and stop always off and start in green mode ? This would be my perfect setting

  • hi,can anyone help please? have a fault for stop/start come up on my mini cooper s coupe petrol but not sure if as the battery went low it just needs some type of reset,display says – automatic strt/stp failure will not stop or start automatically,if necessary press the start/stop button to start the engine.possible to continue journey.have the problem checked by your mini service.thanks

  • Hi, any idea how to code starting without the clutch. Thanks. I use bimmer code and after disabled everything in the menu it still doesnt work.

  • Hello I have an F56 from 2015 , can you please tell me who can do that job , for my car? the 3 things that I wish is the tire information, the accoustic when lock and Unloking , and the default desactivation for the auto stop/start

  • Got mine booked in for when I get back off holiday for:
    – Acoustic Locking
    – iPhone ringtone
    – Rolls-Royce gongs
    – Mirrors fold immediately on lock
    – Enable active sound menu

    I'll let you know how it goes!

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