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You love being a lawyer. You know, writing motions, researching case law, crafting the ultimate argument, and presenting that argument with the verve and valor of a roman Emperor. And you’re good at it too! Not guilty verdicts, winning big settlements, filing groundbreaking patents, maybe even divorcing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Your success is guaranteed, right? Wrong! Because there are two things that prime time dramas and law school didn’t quite prepare you for – communicating with clients and managing a busy case load. Sure, you can stay organized by luging around a heavy briefcase, stacking paper files to the ceiling, and keeping your contacts in a Rolodex – but that’s frustrating. And if you think missed calls, lost voicemail, and unread email will keep your clients happy, think again.

What if there was a better way to manage your practice and communicate with clients? Well now there is….Introducing MyCase, an intuitive, web-based practice management software that’s packed with all the tools your law firm will love. Collaborative calendaring means your staff will never miss an important date or deadline. Document management that makes it easy to organize files, and with the click of a button, even generate files from saved document templates. You can create and delegate tasks, add notes to case and client files, and receive real-time updates and notifications as your staff gets things done.

MyCase has robust time and billing features that handle all of your trust accounting, time and expense tracking, invoice creation, and reporting. You can even accept online payments from your clients!

And best of all, your clients can access a secure web portal. You can share information with them like important calendar dates, documents, and invoices. They can even communicate with your firm by commenting on those items or sending direct messages.

Because MyCase is web-based, you and your clients can access the system from any computer, at anytime. And with the MyCase Mobile App, your entire practice is accessible from the office, the courtroom, in client meetings, even on vacation.

It’s a new legal world out there, and it’s time to start managing it. So what are you waiting for, modernize your practice with MyCase.

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