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Check out our latest video on Thread Milling [Part 2]!

TRAKing Pat goes over the Offline Programming system for the ProtoTRAK RMX Control. He walks through the process of setting up a program for your part, then takes it to the shop to get ready for machining. Pat also explains the big benefits of using this feature. For example, with Offline Programming, you can utilize all of your time by programming parts on your PC while the machine is working on another piece or part. Minimized dead time!

This particular video is for the RMX, but Offline Programming is extremely similar for each of our control systems.
[KMX, SMX, SLX, etc.]

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2 comments on “Offline Programming | ProtoTRAK RMX CNC

  • Could you demonstrate a few more programming in RMX like :
    01. Finding part edge, center of hole, measure part.
    02. Milling a hole Dia 62 (+0.0 , +0.032)
    03. Milling a boss Dia 62 (+0.0 , -0.032)
    04. Milling and avoiding a clamp

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