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How do i know that computer programming is for me? Growing up i would always hate dealing with computers, and would observe my brother putting computers together. I know programming may not necessarily be putting computers together, but if i grew up hating computers. How would i determine if computer programming for me?

-Abir M.



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28 comments on “Question: How Do I Know If Computer Programming Is For Me?

  • I think everyone should at least become familiar with how code works. It's like what we learn in school about natural sciences: we take courses on topics like Chemistry and Biology so we become familiar with the subject, but not all of us become chemists or biologists.

    Other than that, although there's a large demand for STEM fields, with Software Engineering being the most popularly discussed field, I have to mostly agree with you Eli. I do it because I found I enjoy it, but not everyone will. That's probably a good thing because if everyone can code, coding would eventually become an unpaid hobby. Not to mention, who will perform surgery on anyone who needs it if there aren't any surgeons left? Who will put out fires or clean workplaces? These things are important too.

    Computing, in the end, is convenient and indespensible these days, but we don't need it to survive. People lived without computing devices for a long time and were, for the most part, okay.

  • Is programming right for me I want to right code for computers and machines to do certain things but I dont want to do web design. I want to write code. Is code for me

  • Hi Guys, check out the channel called CoffeeIntoSolution and get tips about productivity and see what an average day of a computer developer looks like.

  • I absolutely cannot stand wrenches, engines or vehicles but lately I've had thoughts of becoming a mechanic….how can I find out if I'll like being a mechanic.

  • weird to hear from software engineers say they spend maybe 50% of their work actually coding, and then this guy say they spend the whole time sitting at a computer

  • buy one of those logic puzzle books. if you start doing the problems and 3 days later you emerge from your bedroom starving and thirsty but the book is complete, then programming is good for you.

  • Hey man, i'm learning C# for like 2 months (just started obviously) and i wonder what level of knowlegde i must have to get i job as a junior? What do i have to know?

  • Unless she can like computers then I don’t think she’ll enjoy programming. I hate chemistry so I’d never think of majoring in it. I’ve been fascinated by computers ever since I was a kid. That’s why I’m choosing CS as my major.

  • I'm not sure why you continued to presume the viewer hates computers, or even necessarily answered how you got past the point that you did.

    Code Academy is a fine place to get your toes wet, but I don't think this video really answers the main question as it does not touch on what mindsets or design styles that might be drawn to programming.

  • I can spend a whole day editing a video, but can't program, i don't know if it's because i just started and it's hard or what. I've still decided to go to uni for Software Engineering next year.

  • What course should you take first on CodeAcademy as a beginner? obviously don't want to start off with the hardest thing.
    What should I do first?

  • I like you video man! I mainly like how you throw it all out there directly and honestly for better or worse. I'm actually in 3rd year Computer Science here in Canada and i breathe programming. Sometimes i see sleeping as waste of time if i can do some programming instead lol. I dunno how i came across your videos but i'm glad i did!

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