Why I live at home.  And why I paid $80,000/year to move out.

Views:49044|Rating:4.76|View Time:13:18Minutes|Likes:1635|Dislikes:83The ex-Google tech lead talks about Bay Area living, and the pros & cons of living at home with your parents. Visit for free coding interview practice mailed to you daily (get 10% off the solutions)! (Apologies for the sound quality, the camera mic had issues.) Let me know your thoughts in the comments… Read More

The Cost Of JavaScript - Addy Osmani - Fluent 2018

Views:22988|Rating:4.98|View Time:20:8Minutes|Likes:601|Dislikes:3As the world build sites that are more heavily reliant on JavaScript, we sometimes pay for what we send down in ways that we can’t always easily see. Addy Osmani explains how and why JavaScript is the most expensive resource your site uses today—especially on mobile. Addy also shares tips for fixing JavaScript performance… Read More