MyCase's Legal Practice Management Software Explained

Views:17429|Rating:3.81|View Time:2:24Minutes|Likes:16|Dislikes:5You love being a lawyer. You know, writing motions, researching case law, crafting the ultimate argument, and presenting that argument with the verve and valor of a roman Emperor. And you’re good at it too! Not guilty verdicts, winning big settlements, filing groundbreaking patents, maybe even divorcing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Your success… Read More

Free Bitcoin Mining Software 2019

Views:1320|Rating:4.98|View Time:1:16Minutes|Likes:1075|Dislikes:5BitClub Minner DOWNLOAD : OR HERE: Bit Club Minner * Bitcoin real minner software 100% safe and Instant payment * If this software does not work then I guarantee that I will pay the money * No Fack , No Scam This software NOW DISCOUNT #Bitcoin #FreeMoney #FreeBitcoinGenerator #BitcoinMinner #BitcoinMinning #Freemoney bitcoin,bitcoin mining,mining,btc,bitcoin miner,free… Read More

Top 10 Legal But Creepy Activities

Views:107826|Rating:4.93|View Time:11:36Minutes|Likes:5071|Dislikes:77Top 10 Legal But Creepy Activities Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Become A Most Amazing Top 10 Member: Top 10 Urban Legends Playlists- A lot of creepy things are illegal – quite often, creepiness and breaking the law go hand in hand – but not always. Sometimes though, there are exceptions. I’ve compiled… Read More

A Programming Language For Lawyers - Episode 2

Views:426|Rating:4.44|View Time:25:16Minutes|Likes:8|Dislikes:1A Programming Language For Lawyers Questions we discuss in our second episode: -Coding for lawyers? – How can lawyers work with smart contracts and blockchain? -What are the different approaches to develop such a legal programming language? -How is this going to change the legal industry? -Do lawyers now have to learn programming? -What… Read More