Rainbows and Binary Color Control Programming

Views:1684|Rating:4.62|View Time:6:24Minutes|Likes:145|Dislikes:12Unlock your Mind from the Binary Color Control Program Before its to Late. We have been color programmed since birth to function in their system. It’s only when you break away from this programming can you see the programming. Words contain spells and combined with colors it becomes a programming language for your mind.… Read More

COMMENT CODER UN UNCLAIM FINDER  1.7.10 -  EP 1 - Developpement Series FR

Views:10|Rating:5.00|View Time:14:20Minutes|Likes:4|Dislikes:0comment coder un unclaim finder 50 likes ? —————————————————— comment coder un unclaim finder 5 likes et je vous fais un crack d’euro truck simulator 2 ——————————————————————————————– des jeux jusqu’à -90% : ———————————————————————————————— Le lien d’une série comment faire un mod minecraft 1.7.10 : class OverlayChestFinder : class DisplayHelper : class ClientProxy : ———————————————————————————————-… Read More


Views:599966|Rating:4.20|View Time:10:54Minutes|Likes:10464|Dislikes:2007ALL CODES in SNOW SHOVELING SIMULATOR! *WORKING CODES in 2018* 👉 SUBSCRIBE & leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! 👍 🕹️THE GAME: FREE Codes for Vehicle Simulator!: 👇SOCIAL MEDIA👇 💥Subscribe HERE! 🐦Twitter: 🔴ROBLOX INFO!🔴 ⭐Group: 💎Account: 🎵Music Provided By:… Read More

BLAK-BLAKAN!! Prof. Mahfud MD Beberkan Gagal Cawapres di Detik-Detik Terakhir || ILC 14 Agustus 2018

Views:7354041|Rating:4.54|View Time:39:34Minutes|Likes:72244|Dislikes:7387Indonesia Lawyers Club (ILC) 14 Agustus 2018 mengangkat tema “Kejutan Cawapres: Antara Mahar Politik dan PHP” #ILCAntaraMaharDanPHP #JokowiMaruf #PrabowoSandi Calon Presiden Joko Widodo akhrinya memilih Prof KH Ma’ruf Amin sebagai calon Wakil Presiden yang akan mendampinginya dalam Pemilihan Presiden 2019. Padahal, sebelumnya nama Mahfud MD yang digadang-gadang bakal mendampingi Jokowi. Bahkan Mahfud sudah siap… Read More

This Subreddit HATES DOGS

Views:839824|Rating:4.88|View Time:24:33Minutes|Likes:53874|Dislikes:1301I usually consider myself to be pretty fair-minded when it comes to personal preferences… HOWEVER, this particular subreddit drew my attention for its unique choice of hate. Let’s analyze shall we? MY CLOTHING BRAND ► SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ► Check Out My WEBSITE!! ► Subscribe Today! ► Awesome Games Playlist ► Scary Games Playlist… Read More

Introduction to Data Science: Computer Science 101 - Cognitir

Views:2259|Rating:5.00|View Time:7:7Minutes|Likes:18|Dislikes:0This cognitorial provides a brief overview of a few key computer science concepts that are important to know before taking Cognitir’s (formerly Import Classes) Introduction to Data Science course. Table of Contents: 00:02 – Marker 00:24 – Section Overview 00:42 – Coding 01:34 – The Computer 01:55 – CPU 02:37 – What language does… Read More

Ten Tips for Google's Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) | Advice

Views:2669|Rating:4.93|View Time:11:28Minutes|Likes:66|Dislikes:1Watch to learn about the top 10 things you need to know before attending Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute from two Computer Science majors that attended CSSI at the Cambridge, MA office in the summer of 2017. Turn on my notifications to be notified of all my video releases. *** NEW SOCIAL MEDIA USERNAMES… Read More

Wonder Workshop Dot Robot - Best Way to Learn Coding

Views:59247|Rating:4.56|View Time:1:34Minutes|Likes:94|Dislikes:9At Wonder Workshop, we know that the best way for younger children to learn coding is with a physical device to control. Dot is the brain, the smarts of a robot and lets your child learn programming at a price level never reached before. Dot takes kids on coding adventures opening their eyes to… Read More

Why Do So Many Programmers Use Mac?

Views:248147|Rating:3.51|View Time:7:38Minutes|Likes:3750|Dislikes:1594Check Out Your One Stop Hacker Hardware Shop Discord server: snap: @jhonti Insta: @jhonti Photography insta: @jhontography If you have any questions/queries regarding this video, please ask them in my subreddit linked below. ———————————————————————————————- Check out my site: My Subreddit: Follow me on twitter: Patreon:… Read More

Computer Coding Games for Kids: Introducing Scratch

Views:84663|Rating:4.40|View Time:2:15Minutes|Likes:197|Dislikes:27Ever wanted to learn how to make a computer game? This video introduces Scratch, a programming language, that’s easy to learn and use. Have fun creating games and playing them with your friends! Buy your copy: UK: US:… Read More