21 comments on “The Truth Behind Software Developer Salaries.

  • In Mauritius, how much you are skilled you barely make it to 80k a year. Almost a dream to get even above 30k a year. Cost of living, up to you to decide 😉

  • If you graduate from a prestigious university like university of illinois, you can make on average 92k for entry level which is insane

  • Your information is great. But please script out your video next time. You sentence structure was kind of hard to follow and it seems like you were just bursting with information.

  • You can live in middle of jungles and be simple tribesman and yet you can be richer those richest from West Coast? Why? Cost of living is the answer

  • Um… I'm 25, cleared, and I make over 150K as a Sr SE… In GA I made 190 as a lead… I'm now where the median average income is 42000. I live extremely comfortably. As in literally don't know what to do with money.

  • Live in LA, have worked at 8 tech start ups and 6 major corps. At Amazon sr software devs made 140-180k. Interns in Software Development made 9k a month. At my current company which is not as big as Amazon Srs make 130-150k. JRS make 90-120k. Meanwhile I make half of that workING nearly twice as much and have 8 times more experience. Also these seniors age 23-35 years old

  • Great Video! I did a (Java)Bootcamp 2 years ago after a few months of self study…. I was hired in as a Jr Dev (full stack php/node/react all learn on the job) making $60k in Detroit,Michigan. Honestly the cost of living here is SUPER low and the pay is pretty good for devs. I have other companies reaching out to me constantly offering at least $75k but I absolutely LOVE the perks at my current employer and how much they focus on helping Jr’s grow.

  • I have worked with good and bad developers from all walks of life. Some had a Masters degree and they code like shit. I do agree that passion is important and so is pride in your work. In the end, someone who graduated from a big university or someone who was self taught could code the same. Conforming to standards and constantly keeping up with new technology take a lot of effort.

    For those who are not in this industry, an average book that a developer might buy to learn more about a technology would be between $50 and $100 US dollars. Its not cheap to stay in this game. My personal Pluralsight subscription sets me back $300 a year but i pay that so i can stay current with technology.

  • If your young and don’t have a family I would recommend doing contract jobs. Build experience and more flexibility, just manage your income so during slow hire periods you can live still

  • Do you think that in Canada there's lower demands and salary for software engineers ? Or is it better for me to go to US?

  • I attended a bootcamp and got a job 3 months ago. Currently, I earn $50,000 as a junior. I haven't seen any self taught programmers here though.

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