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26 comments on “This Changes RGB Forever

  • I'd love to see them release smart LED-strips for ambient lighting with this
    Also wouldn't mind having this on my mouse, keyboard, and tower

  • Thank you so much! The new corsair mouse looks awesome, I just added it to my wish list so that I can buy it at the end of the month, it looks super reliable and cheap; everything I want/need.

    Is this a dream?

  • Ym… ya RGB lights, ya. I want to be distracted by my computer case . I'm totally not fighting some one or something that needs my attention. Next cat picture please.

  • With the exception of the totally un-necessary range that new mouse doesn't even begin to compare to the Apple wireless mouse I have been using for years.

  • I used to "slipstream" Windows so it included pre-install drivers, keys, and software using n-Lite. It made unattended installs a breeze. You kids and your fancy new tech cant even come up with original names. Get outta my yard!

  • Hello, Humans. Imagine yourself not dead, but not living. Not dreaming, yet asleep. The sounds of animals call your name. The night breeze rushes to the end of sound itself. Such sounds creates a new perspective. A perspective that is forever changing. Changing into what we all know as nothingness.


  • Call me crazy, but what if they put enough LED's into a space that instead of just basic color animations, you could actually produce *text*. Like you could actually spell out entire words . Way far down the road, when enough can be crammed together, it's even feasible to imagine entire pictures being reproduced ono this "LED Display".
    If that were possible, it may even be worth looking into how to change the pictures so quickly that it would appear to the human eye as a fluid animation. These "moving pictures" or movies as I call them would then allow people to actually tell stories with them.
    We would just need a way to transmit these "movies" to people's homes, maybe a series of tubes, all networked together. Of course if this interconnected network of tubes, or "internet", existed, there would be far too many ever changing ideas and things to ever physically catalog, so we would need an efficient system of searching through them. This searching machine, or "search engine", could even allow individuals to submit their own content, a personal connection to the tubes could be called "YouTube", and some would even base entire careers on it. Heck, maybe one day a "YouTuber" will submit a "movie" about the very ideas I speak of today…

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