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DevMountain Coding Bootcamp


In this video I show you how to get started debugging django like a ninja. From here you should start on some of my other courses to get up to speed.

Some of my other work…



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24 comments on “Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In May 2018

  • Any one can answer my question below?
    Which language is dynamic, non monotonous, creative not boring, yet high in demand and pay and has a long future

  • A .net developer is in high demand at the moment:
    – C#
    – Sql
    – Javascript
    – Ajax
    – Html
    – CSS

    Main reason, companies are going web.
    Thank me later… 🙂

  • C# compilers are written in C++. That's just how it is. Python is written in C++. Some die-hards prefer their Python be written in Python. Kind of tricky to do. Python has a huge user group participation compared to other fan-supported languages. Python is not just for fat neckbeards. It's for everyone.

  • I am learning javascript and csharp and for now I think csharp is better suited for me because there is order whereas in js there is only chaos.

  • I would prefer letting the stream i choose dictate what i learn…Game development ? i will learn C# for unity, Mobile Apps ? learn some Java or Kotlin with android studios, Web Development ? Html, Css and Javascript, Data Science and A.I ? Have a calculus background with Python and R…..learning a new language for the sake of learning a language is boring.

  • Chris, you just through a wrench in my thinking. I am at finishing a BS in software development and I was just given a choice to change from Java to C# and I was leaning towards C#….

  • By the time a beginner doesn't stink at Java a different beginner will be able to make great application in JavaScript stacks. Java is not the programming language for a beginner who wants a job fast.

  • I get so many recruiters asking me if I’m interested in Java development and I’m like?? I don’t know Java. And apparently a lot of the jobs in my area are heavy on Java barely any Python, but that’s the south east for you.

  • I expect for the next 10-20 years the demand for mainframe tech will be high – many companies large and small are not off the mainframe and most people who know things like cobol, jcl, cics, etc. are retirement age. Not sure there is any place that still teaches these older languages, but if you get a chance to get hired with a company willing to train, do not be afraid of the old stuff. It will be a paycheck for a while and many of the skills will transfer…if, then, else, and/or, loops, comparisons…all these things work the same, the language is just syntax. It's not sexy, or cutting edge fun, but it will pay the bills.

  • happy and sad. colleges only allow c++ or java for their curriculum (undergrad, I think grad is more flexible). I want to learn python but have classes in java. =/

  • Nice video as always.
    I like that you keep your videos brief and informative. I also like the part where you mention that there is no best language to learn, as every language is best at what it is meant to do primarily.

    Keep up the good work.


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