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What is the best arbitrage betting software in 2019?

This article is for people who have a basic understanding of what sports arbitrage betting is.

arbitrage betting, arbing, arb betting or sure bets arbitrage isn’t gambling. It’s when there is an opportunity to make a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome because the bookmakers odds are so far apart. It can be hard to find these bets manually, which is why many people use arbitrage betting software. Arbitrage Betting Software track odds quickly and then calculates the stakes needed in order to make the maximum profit.

I receive emails all the time debating the question “Which arbitrage betting software is the best?” & “How much should I spend on arb finding software?”

The problem with arb betting software is it can be hard to know which one to choose. Almost all of them have arb betting calculators but only some have quick updating arbs and good customer service. Every arb finding software makes great claims, but not all live up to them.

In this article I will go over the best sports arbing software in 2017 and the pros and cons that follow.

Option 1 : Free Arbitrage Betting Software?

There is Free Arb software out there but in my opinion it should be avoided, but why?

The problem with free arbitrage software is that usually they have very odd markets like Russian Premier League which are an instant red flag for the bookmakers.
Many thousands of people jump on these free arbs so the odds change quickly at the bookmakers, also they will be able to tell you are sports arbitrage betting.

Option 2 : Using Matched Betting Software Like Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator for Arbitrage?

Some matched betting services like Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator include arbitrage features in their oddsmatching software. These services are both less than £20 a month so are an attractive option for beginners but again they have their limitations.

Arbitrage Opportunities usually have a slim profit on these platforms and because they have thousands of members the bookmakers notice when you use these arbs.
Your account will get limited very quickly because the bookmakers will instantly know you have come from a matched betting service.
Odds move quickly on these services because they use exchanges and also don’t update their odds as quickly as arbitrage betting software companies because they aren’t built for that primary purpose.

Oddsmonkey & ProfitAccumulator are best for those who don’t have any bookmaker accounts open, don’t have more than £100 bankroll and want to learn the ropes & earn some money from the bookies. If you have more to invest than this on arb software I would recommend using a reasonably priced sports arbitrage software in order to combine arbitrage with matched betting to make 150% more profit than using oddsmonkey or profit accumulator.

Option 3: Expensive Arbitrage Software Services

Sports Arbitrage betting Software varies in price quite substantially but the majority of arb betting software have the same features (with some exceptions). Pricey options are Rebelbetting, Oddstorm & Betburger all are £120+ a month which means that you spend most of the month chasing profit, especially as they don’t provide a free trial or in depth tutorials.

All arb finder software contains:

More features focussed on making arb betting easier
Better Arb finder than matched betting software
More unique arbs so less risk of getting limited
Odds updated more quickly
Bigger arbs which means more profit than alternative software

Rebelbetting software can only be run on windows and has to be downloaded, but has a large number of bookmakers, filters and arbs.

Oddstorm updates quickly but doesn’t have the best user interface.

Betburger is a solid piece of arbing software but is quite pricey.

The above options are worth looking into if you’re an arbitrage betting veteran who has £10,000’s to invest but otherwise I would recommend an alternative with a lower price point that still is built to purpose for arbitrage betting.

Option 4: Reasonably priced Arbitrage Software Services

Betslayer sports arbitrage software is only £49/mo. It’s good for people who have some experience betting but have limited experience with arb betting. It has a 7-day free trial money back guarantee which no other service has, and also unrivalled customer support.

Lots of arb finders are very complicated to use but with Betslayer it’s very simple. Betslayer updates quickly, automatically adds to bet to betslip in a safe way (meaning no bookmakers can track you). Betslayer also makes sure all arbitrage bets are “unique” and reduces the amount of people who can take them, making sure no bookie catches on.

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  • Wow Max. If you are doing 'Unique' arbs and limiting how many members can do these, then you really need to increase your prices. This must be a brilliant feature for keeping arbers under the bookies radar. Lets face it, gubbing is the arbers nightmare. You really need to make more of this feature. Quick question. Is it worth using a proxy server for arbing or does this alert the bookies? Keep up the good work.

  • Hello. I have questions. Which arbitrage software you would recommend to me. I am very handicapped. I am very slow. How many bookmakers do I need? Do you have a bookmaker that you can recommend to me?

  • Hey mate just signed up to the free trial and sent you over a message with a few questions so apologies for that, just a bit unsure on where I’m going wrong, any help is appreciated. My username is mcd9a. Thanks man

  • hey man I love your vids, I was wondering if you could spare any time for a phone call I'm having some trouble learning the basics? thanks bro it'd be exdtremely helpful if you could dm me and we can set something up. have a good one homie

  • hey, do you have to register to all the book makers that you guys give the odds for if you going to make the bets

  • You would get a lot more customers if you charged £20 a month meaning you would make more money by charging less ..think about it, 100 customers that pay £50 or 1000 paying £20 ..5k vs 20k 😉

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