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► 5 Thoughts On Mastering Python

What other platforms or programming languages besides Python should you learn if you want to be a successful Python developer?

Got a question? Leave a comment with your Python or general software dev question on this video and I’ll try to cover it question in one of the next “#PythonQ&A” videos.

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8 comments on “What other languages/platforms besides Python should you learn?

  • Hi Bader ! Your videos really help. I want to know how can we make package or module and use them in another module by importing ?
    Please make a video on it.
    Moh Aarif

  • I find it interesting that you didn't mention C since it can be used to extend the language and implement performance-critical features.

  • In your blog you have mentioned you have lived in Germany as well, I am a junior back-end developer, Now i am trying to land a job in germany how good is germanies web market?

  • Hey can you make in depth tuts on data structures and algorithms in python. They ask in every interview and python is i think the best language to learn these difficult concepts because it is so easy compared to c++ or java. And yeah THANKS FOR THESE AMAZING VIDEOS

  • Hi! Great videos here! Could you please talk about GUI in python. Currently I’m trying to learn Kivy but I really want to know your opinion.

  • Sir can you please mention a roadmap to learn machine learning and ai…… I mean from absolutely beginner to advance What basic things i need to learn and from where ?

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