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21 comments on “Whats best for you? Startups vs Corporations vs Freelance #grindreel

  • Working at a startup is great to get started because you will learn much more in a short time. It's a stressful, fast-paced environment however.
    Also, when the job ad says they are hiring a junior dev, what it actually means is they need someone mid-senior, willing to accept a "junior" salary. It does not mean junior the way you think. As Joshua said, startups are expected to deliver fast, or investors won't be happy. And you can't deliver fast with juniors who are juniors in terms of technical knowledge.

  • I like to work for smaller companies. I have worked in big companies and they allways want`s you to do a specific task over and over… i prefere to do many tasks. Take on small or large tasks. And really influence…but I haven`t worked as a programmer for a long time. And I don`t know how this correlates to programmer jobs. I`m just talking general.

  • Some great generalities here! Culture is real and I have felt that in my own experience. Its really important to talk to past and present employees to find out what they like and disklike. If you ask good questions you can find out what it feels like to work there. You have to know who you your boss will be as well. Its really hard to know exactly what it will feel like to work somewhere, but a little bit of investigation goes a long way (glassdoor, indeed, linkedin)

  • Nothing is really secure, even jobs at corporations. Sometimes its an age related thing, because younger ones are cheaper and more willing to to unpaid crunch time. I would like to know how do you calculate your projects and where do you find your jobs?

  • In my opinion, It's better than all of it to making some app to earn a money for a long time
    I only dream about it 🙂
    Of course, for start it's good to work in a larger corporation for some time, to get some experience and, most importantly, to fill in your resume

  • had to take a moment to note that the vfx are getting better, I like the flash theme and it doesnt look sloppy like most "do a cool thing" attempts go

  • Can you make a video on !
    Freelancing e.g. like how much and which skills are needed to start basic earning from different platforms?
    For front end developer +

  • Corp is a great training ground, if you can resist the temptation of becoming a nice and safe corporate toddler baby. Any longer than two years and you're screwed. That health insurance and tooth cleanings get addictive.

  • yeah, the non-paying client. That's why I divide payment into 3 to 5 parts. 33 or 20 percent upfront, and for each transitional point in the cycle, I get paid. Customers like to bail, or their lives go sideways, I've been mostly paid for work done. Period. How do you set up payment?

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