39 comments on “Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer)

  • Videos like this and Gary Vaynerchuk really nail the point home that money and status does not mean happiness. Yes, money can take care of financial stresses and worries, but when you're 90 years old and didn't pursue something you were truly passionate about, all that money and status wont mean anything.

  • I did my big company stint at Intel. For all the flaws of a big company, I really got a lot out of it, made a lot of lifetime friends and really started my larger reputation in tech. But, since then, I've stuck with startups and now only startups that I start. They are NOT at all the best option for everyone there's a lot of stress and a need to persevere through many pitfalls. But, I just realized that it fits my personality. It's really about finding out what you do and what fits you.

  • I know for sure they employed you for your tech skills, because communicating is not your strong side. Do people want to listen to your 10000 hours lectures without ever going to the point? Just stretching rubber all the time without saying anything significant… You suck at explaining.

  • Lmao all these dumb asses wondering why he left but didn’t even watch the video carefully, that’s funny, bunch of idiots criticizing a smart guy

  • I don't think its worth to watch and for the first 8 minutes he is not even close to his point that why did he left Google. Answer is after 8 minutes just in case if you wanna save some time OR even if you wanna save your more time, the answer is nothing exciting but he just wanted to look around for another options just for his curiosity.

  • I had to try hard to not skip to the 8:40 mark of this video. All the pointless talking was literally giving me anxiety and the only way I could get through it was writing this review while he continued talking about all the great things about Google. For the love of Baby Jesus Please get to the point!!

  • Great story! It's very insightful for those traveling in a similar stream in life. Although, I believe the wisdom in your words could be applied to most careers/people.

    "You owe it to yourself to see how far you can go…" That's a statement that more people would benefit from if they participated in the practice of self- assessment.

    We don't live life for the purpose of experiencing death. We live life to experience the journey of our purpose.

    …it's sad to me that all the hater comments indicate that people weren't listening what you were saying; they were just hearing your words.

    For those of us heading into a computer science/engineering career, your words are informative and guiding. Thank you for that.

  • Soooo after I get into Heaven, where do I go after that. What earthly religion will help me with THAT question. Is it even better than Heaven, is it Heaven 2.0, is TechLead the deity in Heaven 2.0. The title promises 1 answer but raises so many new questions.

  • From your resume, it says you've worked at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Juniper etc. How is the environment different between these companies?

  • BTW, never worked there but Google is FOR SURE the BEST AND the WORST company I've ever seen! They have "Black Mirror" written all over them.

  • It would be nice if you told people who you are in your video. Like in the beginning you could say "Hey, I'm TechLead!". Branding buddy!

  • I see a lot of people talking about how you rambled on for 8m and then left us still wondering why you left Google, which I am too, but I still enjoyed this whole video :]

  • Google home page opens as " GO VOTE" .. I guess they mean for Republicans. OK… so I voted.. Thanks Google for your encouragement!!
    TRUMP 2020

  • In society that wants information here and now figuring out why he left google from 11 minutes video is too much.
    Patience my friends is they key and actually try to listen to him.

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